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Review: Single, Not Dead

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Single, Not Dead

by Brandy Lucas 

Although single women outnumber married women in the U.S., Single, Not Dead dispels the stigmas attached to flying solo. With revealing insight, Brandy Lucas gives sage advice about self-discovery, self-love and transformation. This is not another book about how to get, keep or love a man. It’s about learning how to love and become the best version of yourself. Lucas’ candid and sometimes comedic anecdotes will inspire you to end the insane cycle of dreading the single life. She proves that being single is not a destiny of doom, but an opportunity for growth.
In this book, you will explore and learn:
• Why it’s important to evaluate your reasons for seeking marriage
• How to live a fulfilled life whether you’re single or married
• What it takes to fight fear with faith
• Who you can evolve into once you embrace a relationship with God
• The possibility of thriving as a single woman instead of simply surviving

I received a copy from the author for review.
Rating: 4/5 stars
Release Date: April 21st 2017
Publisher: Luke Legacy Publications
I really enjoyed this one, and needed this message! A great reminded that God is always on time, and He always has a plan. Our job is not to get married, or find a man, our job is to trust and to serve God, trusting that He will do the rest. I love the chapter about Knowing your Value, and the finance chapter is a great reminder that there are things we can do while single to prepare for the relationship God is leading us to in the future. For everything there is a season, and the season of singleness is not forever, and it not bad. It’s a time to grow in our faith and relationship with God, preparing us to be women and perhaps even wives to men of God.

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